Ultra trail 2017 in Madagascar: Pre-race information

Ultra trail 2017 in Madagascar: Pre-race information

It’s time for your Ultra Trail preparation! Racing Madagascar 2017 starts the 12th of July at 08.00am! The runners’ list has just been finalized, this year we will host 29 runners for the 2nd edition. It is 6 more compared to last year. Here are the pre-race information you need to know for Ultra Trail 2017 in Madagascar:


Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail 2017 is a trail running race in Madagascar. The race is organized by Boogie Events, sport branch of Boogie Pilgrim (Malagasy Tour Operator settled for 30 years in Antananarivo).

It is an annual event focused on 3 core values:

  • Sport Challenge: 150km running race in 6 days/6 stages along 20-20-27-42-28-10kms
  • Touristic discovery: The path is going along natural wonders of the northern region of Madagascar
  • Sport Solidarity: We collaborate with local offices such as Malagasy Athletics federations, Paralympic federations

Press conference Racing Madagascar 2017, 10 July in Antananarivo



We are proudly member of International Trail Running Association (ITRA, based in Chamonix, France). We have assessed the path in order to be accredited by ITRA and communicate our results at the end of the race. With this initiative, it helps Malagasy runners participating to the race to be more know abroad, by the registration of their running performance in the worldwide runner’s database of ITRA.

Racing Madagascar is a half-autonomy race. During stages, assistance is forbidden, runners must carry with them what they eat and drink. They left their personal belongings and luggage in the camps each day before the stage starts. Water refills are available on each checkpoints. The race is timed but our time cutoffs have been calculated to allow each runners to complete the stage at his/her own pace.

Recce by Vivi, pointing the route with his GPS, a good Ultra Trail preparation is the key of success


Runners of Ultra Trail 2017 in Madagascar

Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail 2017 will be held from 11 to 16 July 2017, with 29 entrants currently doing their Ultra Trail preparation:

  • 21 Malagasy runners : 15 from the regional league of Diego Suarez, 3 from the national league, 2 from the Paralympic committee and at last one runner sponsored by Boogie Pilgrim, as a long time employed of our company!
  • 8 foreign runners : 3 from South Africa, 3 form the US, 1 from Argentina, 1 from Sweden.
  • Gender : 7 women and 22 men
  • Categories : 6 categories to challenge in according to their ages, no rewards, just trophies and medals
  • The repeat runners: Among the 29 runners, 14 were running last year’s edition.
  • Elite runners: Local athlete Jacquis Justin, who finished just 15mn after Thabang Madiba last year, will have other elite runners to compete with this year. Indeed two South African running elites are coming : Landie and Christiaan Greyling, who will run for their 1st time in Madagascar.
  • Paralympic athletes: Revelinot (one arm amputated) and Zephirin (Visually impaired) are coming back this year for the 2nd edition!

List :

1 Jacquis Rakki Antilahifeno Justin 22 Junior I M MG
2 Heritiana Andrianaivo 27 Junior II M MG
3 Fadonio Joyesnicet 20 Junior I M MG
4 Diomi Fabricin Mahatana 21 Junior I M MG
5 Landie Greyling 33 Senior I W ZA
6 Morisse Morisse 31 Senior I M MG
7 Philip Crane 25 Junior II M USA
8 Romuald Jaoriziky 25 Junior II M MG
9 Revelinot Raherinandrasana 38 Senior I M MG
10 Basile Tristanis Bakary 21 Junior I M MG
11 Fabrice Antonio Rasolofodimby 26 Junior II M MG
12 Laurette Rasoanomeny 28 Junior II W MG
13 Housseny Nasser 27 Junior II M MG
14 Isabella De La Houssaye 53 Senior II W USA
15 Hervé Djaonoro 25 Junior II M MG
16 Serge Tsangavelo Veloson 30 Senior I M MG
17 Christiaan Greyling 32 Senior I M ZA
18 Sebastian Armenault 50 Senior II M AR
19 Zephirin Tsimazava 38 Senior I M MG
20 Laurent Mbinintsoa Andriarimanambelo 46 Senior II M MG
21 Gerandine Toto 40 Senior II W MG
22 Alain Alain 20 Junior I M MG
23 Samantha Campbell 34 Senior I W ZA
24 Hajanirina Hajanirina 22 Junior I M MG
25 Dan Betts 44 Senior II M USA
26 Jean Brice Ranantenaina 16 Junior I M MG
27 Ulf Erik Andersson 58 Senior II M SW
28 Marie Francina Sonjara 24 Junior II W MG
29 Estrine Rasoa 39 Senior II W MG


This 2nd edition is gonna be fun and challenging! Follow it on Facebook or on our website www.racing-madagascar.com/en/ in the News sections. Daily results will be published if the network allows it. Get ready for your Ultra Trail preparation!

The city of Diego Suarez gets prepared to host the race

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