Marcus Fong: Our first entrant for 2016’s edition

Marcus Fong: Our first entrant for 2016’s edition

marcus-fongWe are proud to announce you the name of our first entrant for Racing Madagascar 2016 : Marcus Fong. He was kind enough to give us some of his time to answer to our questions

Racing Madagascar: Marcus, you are the first runner to confirm your participation at Racing Madagascar 2016. We are thrilled about it! Could you tell us more about you?

Marcus Fong: I’m 38 years old Chinese runner. I’m still single and I work currently for a bank in Macau.

Racing Madagascar: What kind of runner are you?

marcus-fongMarcus Fong: I consider myself as a “social runner”. I started my first competition in 2014, a local half- marathon that was held in Macau. Since then I joined 1 half- marathon and 2 full-marathons in 2015. I don’t have much time to train so normally I run 2 to 3 times a week. My monthly training distance is usually around 100 KMs. My personal best so far is 3:32:07  

Racing Madagascar: What had motivated you to participate to Racing Madagascar?

Marcus Fong: In Dec 2014, I watched a TV program in Japan, that was a sport’s program about Racing the Planet 2014’s edition in Madagascar. I was motivated to run in Madagascar by the Japanese runner: Lino Wataru. 

Racing Madagascar: What are your other challenges for this year?

Marcus Fong: Before I will compete for the Racing Madagascar, I will have 4 more marathons in between. Indeed, in only 10 days this February I will join 2 marathons (Kyoto & Tokyo). This is going to be a big challenge for me but a good training for Racing Madagascar!