South African champ rises the challenge !

South African champ rises the challenge !

4 days before our entries close, GOOD NEWS FOLKS ! Our neighbors from South Africa will be at Racing Madagascar 2016 thanks to elite runner Thabang Madiba.

Thabang lives near Pretoria and works in a running shop. He began with trail running in 2009 and is currently 32 y.o. Despite being few known internationally, Thabang is a trail running reference in South Africa. Quick outlook on his last results :


  • 2015 : Winner of the Richtersveld Wildrun – 200K in 5 days between South Africa and Namibia
  • 2015 : Winner of the Sky-running African Championship – Xtreme DoDo Trail – 50K – Mauritius
  • Season 2013-2014 : Winner of the South African Trail Running Championship – Long distance category



Racing Madagascar 2016 will be an opportunity for him to challenge with his neighbors from Madagascar and thabang-madiba4increase his reputation outside South Africa too.

From our side of the Mozambique Channel, we are definitely waiting from this champion to amaze us with his physical performances, on a brand new playground for him !

Tonga Soa & MazotoaWelcome and Good luck Champ’ !





thabang-madiba3 thabang-madiba2


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