Ultra Trail calendar for 2018 : Race starts the 9th of July !


A perfect association between sport challenge and touristic discovery


Ultra Trail Running in Madagascar

Experience Running an Ultra in Madagascar

With a 28 years of proven experience in touristic area and sport event too, Boogie Events offers a innovative ultra trail running event.

In July 2016, our 1st edition of Racing Madagascar for an Ultra Trail running of 150km in 6 days with 23 entrants from all around the world, opened the gates. Diego Suarez region in the north of Madagascar is a wonderful playground, varied and amazing.

We associate trail running elites, our expertise as Tour Operator and a long term view in Madagascar for over 25 years. Having be the official partner for 1993 Raid Gauloises, for mountain bikes events (Red Island Race), or for Racing The Planet 2014 in Madagascar, Boogie Events launches this unique race : Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail Running.

For the third edition in 2018, Racing Madagascar targets trail runners, with endurance and speed, willing to associate our 3 core values: Touristic discovering, sport challenge and social-sustainable behavior.

With our dedicated supporter package, Racing Madagascar offers you to include you family, your friends or any acquaintances to share the experience from the inside all along the race.

Stages from 10 to 42 kms with different height levels, will allow to anyone to challenge with both Malagasy and Foreign runners during an ultra trail running race. Runners must carry their mandatory equipment during the race but drop off bags will be handled by logistics from camp to camp, allowing you to fully enjoy your race!

From the safety side, checkpoints will be dispatched every 10 to 15km with water supply, medical staff, communication means and evacuation vehicle.

Below some key points about the race:

  • 150km, 1 270D+, 1 690D-
  • 6 days: 20km / 26km / 27,1km / 41,8km / 28,2km / 7kms = 150,1km
  • Traditional villages, natural wonders and withe sand beaches on your way
  • Nights and dinners in our comfortable camps
  • Time cut offs: Our race is open to beginners, with time cut offs from 2 to 11 hours per stage.
  • Entry limit: 100 runners
  • Qualifying Race for UTMB (4 points)

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EVENT PROGRAM : FROM 09 TO 14 OF JULY 2018          

SUNDAY (July 08): Meet & Greet at Hotel “La Terrasse des Voyageurs” Hotel

  • 10.00: Welcoming of the entrants. Technical, medical, administrative checks. Bib, race shirt and roadbook collection
  • 11.30 to 14.30: Bus transfer to the first camp - Beamalona Waterfall. Light meal provided (Sandwich on the way)
  • 18.00 to 19.00: Briefing on the race, the event and stage 1
  • From 19.00: Diner and night at Camp no 1 - Beamalona Waterfall

MONDAY (July 09): Stage 1 - From Beamalona Waterfall to Anivorano (20km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, drop-off bag packing
  • 08.00: Stage 1 Start
  • From 09.30: Arrival at camp no 2
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 2 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 2

TUESDAY (July 10): Stage 2 - From Anivorano to Irodo River (26 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, drop-off bag packing
  • 08.00: Stage 2 Start
  • From 09.45: Arrival at camp no 3
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 3 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 3

WEDNESDAY (July 11): Stage 3 - From Irodo River to Ankerika Village (27 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, drop-off bag packing
  • 08.00: 4x4 transfer from camp no 3 to the other side of Irodo river
  • 08.30: Stage 3 Start from the northern side of Irodo river
  • From 10.30: Arrival at camp no 4
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 4 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 4

THURSDAY (July 12): Long Stage 4 – From Ankerika to Ampondrafeta Beach (41 km)

  • From 05.30 to 06.30: Breakfast, drop-off bag packing
  • 07.00: Stage 4 Start
  • From 10.15: Arrival at camp no 5
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.30: Stage 5 briefing
  • 20.00: Dinner, night at Camp no 5

FRIDAY (July 13): Stage 5 – From Ampondrafeta to Antafiamalama Bay (28 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, and drop-off bag packing
  • 08.00: Stage 5 Start
  • From 10.00: Arrival at camp no 6
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 6 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 6

SATURDAY (July 14): Stage 6 - From Mountain of the French to Diego-Suarez (10 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, drop-off bag packing
  • 08.00 to 08.45: 4x4 transfer to the start line at the bottom of Mountain of the French
  • 09.00: Stage 6 Start
  • From 09.30: Stage 6 arrival at the entrance of Diego Suarez city
  • 10.30: Disabled athletes and Racing Madagascar runners will leave together for the last km to Diego Suarez townhouse, place Foch
  • 11.00: Arrival at Diego Suarez townhouse
  • 11.00 to 12.30: Animations and celebrations in front of the townhouse
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 17.00 to 20:00: Closing ceremony / Prizes distributions

RACING MADAGASCAR is a trail-type sporting event with 6 stages from 10 to 42kms during 6 days.

It is an individual speed free competition. The maximum time for ranking is limited along each the stage - all breaks included and under the condition that you record on different checkpoints before their closing hours as detailed in the Road Book (See Article 14). If you go beyond those limits, you will not be ranked and be off the race. However, cut-offs times have been calculated in order to allow the maximum amount of runners to reach the arrival accordingly to the time limit (included breaks, resting, eating etc.).

The path has been evaluated by ITRA and offers a cumulated distance of 150kms and 700m positive elevation. Stages are as such :



Racing Madagascar is a half self-sufficiency race, runners must bring with them what they intend to drink an eat. Checkpoints will be present every 10 to 15 kms with water supply, medical staff, communication means and evacuation vehicle.

Supporters are fully integrated to the event but no assistance is allowed during the stages. They will be taken in charge to follow runners during starts and finishes of each stages and sometimes at the checkpoints.

Luggage and personal belongings transportation will be made by logistic team.

  • 1 bag
  • 1 light bag for your post-stage recovery
  • 1 bib (provided)
  • 1 hydration bag with 1 liter capacity minimum
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 bandage
  • 1 food reserve
  • 1 survival blanket
  • 1 headlamp
  • 1 cellphone
  • 1 sleeping bag (not provided)

All runners of Racing Madagascar are ranked in one of the categories along their gender and their age accordingly to the following table: (Age withheld is the age recorded at the start date of the first stage)

Junior I Men and womenJunior I16 to 23 y.o.
Junior II Men and womenJunior II24 to 29 y.o.
Senior I Men and WomenSenior I30 to 38 y.o.
Senior II Men and WomenSenior II39+ y.o.

Time record of each competitor will be split into hours, minutes and seconds. The chronometer of the organization will be the only official reference (For penalties and compensations, please refer to article 20 and 21). Results of each stage will be displayed the same evening at the camp.

A trophy will be awarded to the top 3 of the Men and Women final scratch and also to the first of each category.

All the runners who will finish the race will receive a prize.



A multi-competency AID staff, settled by the organization, will be present throughout the event. It will ensure AID for competitors at stations located in the Road Book. It will inform the course director or his assistant on a competitor’s incapacity to finish the race. The final word remains to the organization. The medical team is composed of :

  • 2 doctors (including one emergency physician)
  • 3 physiotherapists

The race organizers commit to ensure evacuation for runners in severe difficulty during the race stage. However, they do not accept liability for disqualification, out of time range or out of race path. When a runner will be taken in charge by the staff, he/she will be considered as a supporter.

Beyond medical and paramedical assistance detailed in article 15, safety and other kind of assistance are handled throughout the event by local police patrols, local authorities, first aid workers and watchers - placed within the stages and inside the camps.


Our exclusive partner Boogie Pilgrim remain at your disposal for free to organize your trip before, during and after the race.

Flying to Antananarivo:

  • From Paris: Direct flights with Air Madagascar, Air France, Corsair
  • From Johannesburg: Direct flights with South African Air Link
  • From Nairobi: Direct flights with Kenya Airways
  • From Mahé (Seychelles): Direct flights with Air Seychelles
  • From Saint Denis (Reunion Island): Direct flights with Air Autral and Air Madagascar
  • From Mauritius : Direct flights with Air Mauritius and Air Madagascar

Flying from Antananarivo to Diego Suarez: Daily flights with Air Madagascar



The path complies to International Trail and Running Association (ITRA©) requirements

Qualifying race for Mont Blanc Ultra Trail (UTMB)
Patners with Raidlight to equip Malagasy Runners
Member of International Trail Running Association (ITRA)


Your daily self-surpassing will be rewarded by a different natural wonder every day