Racing Madagascar supports Malagasy sport federations to promote trail running in Madagascar

Partnership with Malagasy Paralympic Committee (MPC)

Malagasy Paralympic Committee exists since 10 years in Madagascar. Despite an unfavorable context to develop disabled sports (Political crisis), MPC counts today more than 700 athletes, 26 clubs and 12 regional leagues. The partnership is based on two actions for Racing Madagascar:

  1. The Solidarity Race: With 3 clubs and 100 athletes, the young disabled sports federation of DIANA region wanted to enjoy the opportunity of Racing Madagascar to highlight disabled sports in Madagascar (Wheelchair basketball, athletics, petanque, volley...). During this Solidarity race of 3 kms after stage 6, Racing Madagascar helps to highlight these athletes and their courage. Indeed for them everything is difficult in Madagascar to perform in their respective sports. The highlight must be international, national, and even on a local view. It is culturally difficult for Malagasy society to accept physical disability. The solidarity race of Stage 6 unites local authorities, runners of Racing Madagascar, disabled athletes and public in a friendly moment which ends in front of the Townhouse of Diego Suarez.
  2. The sponsoring of Disabled athletes to enter: Racing Madagascar push forward its commitment by offering the entry to Malagasy Paralympic athletes during the 6 days race. During 2016's edition we had the chance to host Revelinot (Arm Amputated) and Zephirin (Blind), who could have participate to our international event with other valid athletes coming from all around the world. And they were not just going through the motions, considering their impressive performances!

Partnership with Malagasy Athletics Federation

Athletics Federation of Madagascar just recognized Trail running as a separate sport discipline from athletics, with the 1st Trail Running Championship in 2016. It is encouraging to see that this sport discipline is growing in Madagascar! In trail running's values, there is the share with other runners. Racing Madagascar apply this value by sponsoring fully the entry of Malagasy athletes during the race. For 2016's edition, we therefore sponsored the entries of 13 malagasy athletes from Diego regional athletics league (Accommodation and meals) and 2 athletes from Malagasy National athletics league (Transports, accommodation, meals). This free entries had as results to:

  1. Introduce Trail Running to these young athletes more used to run in stadiums than on tracks
  2. Share the values of Trail Running with social exchanges between local and international runners beyond our expectations
  3. Introduce international sport event dimension to the Malagasy runners, because this kind of large events are not common in Madagascar
  4. Highlight Malagasy runners abroad, they all have a huge potential and we hope that they can be sponsored one of this day
  5. Challenge for international runners with the combativeness and resiliency of Malagasy runners
  6. Train local coaches for timing a trail running event, with the support of Matthias Proud from International Trail Running Association (ITRA)

For 2018, Racing Madagascar repeat its commitment to fully sponsor the entry of Malagasy runners with the proportion of 1 out of 4 runners. You can keep in mind then, that your entry to Racing Madagascar 2018 will help a Malagasy runner to discover Trail Running during an international event. The more the merrier!


"Our past experiences are our inspiration to build this accessible and touristic race"

• Team coordination
• International Promotion
• 25 years of tourism industry in Madagascar
• Founder of Boogie Events

Patrice Raoull

Event Manager

Medical Committee

• International promotion
• Relationship with sport institutions
• Doctors, physiotherapists and nurse coordination
• Physiotherapist for 30 years
• Founder of Boogie Events
• Camp staff, vehicles, cook staff coordination
• Water and electricity supply on camps
• Security on camps and on the race
• 20 years of tourism industry in Madagascar

Pierre Beguin

Course Director

• Ski school director and mountain guide in French Alps
• Involved in the organization of 9 Raid Gauloises and Race Director 12 ultra trails of 4DESERTS
• Course Director of RACING MADAGASCAR in charge of recces, the route and safety compliance.

Cedric Thomsen

Media Manager

• Press relations
• Photo and video coverage during the event
• Closing ceremony
• Pre and post event Marketing manager

Saholy Razafindratsima

Travel Manager

• Pre and post event logistics
• 20 years at Boogie Pilgrim, travel partner of Racing Madagascar
• Hotel and local flights bookings