South African elite runner Landie | Winner of the Women’s category
Jacquis and Hajanirina | Hajanirina (right) is the winner of 2017’s edition



Madagascar trail run 2017 was held between the 11th and 16th of July 2017 and was full of twists! Below some information about the entrants, before scrolling down to the results at the bottom of this page:

  • Entrants: 28 runners at the start line of the trail run 2017, 26 finishers. 1 runner was disqualified for his behavior.
  • 5 countries were there: Malagasy, Sweden, United States, Argentina, South Africa
  • Age: Runners were aged from 21 to 58 y.o.
  • Genders: 7 Women and 21 Men. It is 5 more women compared to 2016’s edition! We are very proud of it.
  • 1 South African Elite runner: After Thabang Madiba in 2016, Christiaan Greyling crossed the Mozambique channel to also win the famous Alohalo (Malagasy Totem) of the trail run 2016 in Madagascar. Unfortunately is lost against the Malagasy athletes’ combativeness. He still won a Zebu trophy in his category.
  • Hajanirina’s performance: Hajanirina is the winner of Madagascar trail run 2017. It was unexpected as Hajanirina is not familiar with the ground and environment of Diego Suarez’s region (He his from the highlands, where it is colder and much more hilly). Moreover lot of his competitors did already the race last year. Hajanirina surprised everyone and especially Jacquis Justin, the favorite of Madagascar trail run 2017.
  • The 2 Malagasy Elite Runners came back: Laurette Rasoarinomena / Heritiana Andrianaivo
  • Revelinot RAHERINANDRASANA, elite paralympic athlete, came back too and finished the race again!

Enter now for the 2018 ultra trail in Madagascar!


RankFirstnameLastnameAGECATM/WCtyBibAcc. Timing
1HajanirinaHajanirina22Junior IHMG249:48:24
2JacquisRakki Antilahifeno Justin22Junior IHMG19:53:33
3HoussenyNasser27Junior IIHMG139:57:58
4HeritianaAndrianaivo27Junior IIHMG210:18:32
5DiomiMahatana21Junior IHMG410:36:02
6ChristiaanGreyling32Senior IHZA1710:46:36
7MorisseMorisse31Senior IHMG611:30:37
8LandieGreyling33Senior IFZA511:43:07
9FabriceRasolofodimby26Junior IIHMG1111:53:39
10RevelinotRaherinandrasana38Senior IHMG912:17:50
11HervéDjaonoro25Junior IIHMG1512:41:41
12LauretteRasoanomeny28Junior IIFMG1213:56:18
13EstrineRasoa39Senior IIFMG2914:09:23
14RomualdJaoriziky25Junior IIHMG814:33:23
15DanBetts44Senior IIHUSA2515:22:52
16SergeTsangavelo Veloson30Senior IHMG1615:46:30
17FanomezantsoaRazafindravelo22Junior IFMG3015:58:23
18Ulf ErikAndersson58Senior IIHSW2717:59:51
19AlainAlain20Junior IHMG2218:11:22
20GerandineToto40Senior IIFMG2118:14:19
21FranciscoFrancisco26Junior IIHMG2819:51:09
22CasonCrane25Junior IIHUSA719:58:08
23IsabellaDe La Houssaye53Senior IIFUSA1419:58:08
24LaurentANDRIARIMANAMBELO46Senior IIHMG2022:04:39
25SamanthaCampbell24Junior IIFZA2322:50:21
26SebastianArmenault50Senior IIHAR1828:24:12
27FadonioJoyesnicet20Junior IHMG3DQF
28ZephirinTsimazava38Senior IHMG19DNF