Baobab Forest | Stage 4

Timing with the support of Madagascar Athletics federation | Stage 5

Dealing with the heat is part of the challenge | Stage 2

Anivorano sacred lake | Stage 2




Trail run stages from 10 to 42km will allow you to challenge yourself during this ultra trail run. Runners must carry their mandatory equipment during the race, but drop off bags will be handled by logistics from one camp to the next camp, to let you fully enjoy your runs! Concerning safety, checkpoints are set up every 10 to 15km with water supply, dried fruits, medical staff, and emergency phone. Key information about the race:

  • 21 to 26 July 2020 (6 days)
  • 150km, 1 270D+, 1 690D-
  • Distances: 22km | 26km | 27km | 41km | 28,2km | 8.8kms
  • Highlights: Traditional villages, natural wonders and sand beaches on your way
  • Diner and nights in the comfortable camps set up by the logistics team
  • Time cut offs: Our race is open to beginners, with time limits from 2 to 11 hours per stage.
  • Entry limit: 50 runners for a friendly event

Racing Madagascar is a trail run event with stages from 8 km to 42 km in 6 days. It is an individual speed-free competition. Time limits are set for each stage – all breaks included. Runners must show up at each checkpoint before set cut offs times.
If showing up after these cut offs times, you will not be ranked and will be off-race. Wide cut offs have been set to allow as much runners as possible to remain in the ranking. The path is evaluated by ITRA (International Trail Running Association) and has an accumulative distance of 150 km and 1 270m accumulative positive ascent. The stages are spread over as such:


Beamalona Waterfall to Anivorano Sacred Lake

22.2690 D+ / 780 D-6h001

Anivorano sacred lake to Irodo river

25.6150 D+ / 434 D-8h301

Irodo river to Ankerika

26.5227 D+ / 241 D-9h001

Ankerika to Ampondrafeta

41381 D+ / 386 D-11h003

Ampondrafeta to Antafihamalama bay

28.2209 D+ / 212 D-9h002

Mountain of the French to Diego-Suarez

8.8130 D+ / 80 D-2h001

Saturday (July 18): Landing in Antananarivo – Complimentary night at “Combava Hotel” Hotel (B&B & airport transfer included)

Sunday (July 19): Take off to Diego Suarez – Complimentary night at “Grand Hotel” (B&B & airport transfer included)

Monday (July 20): Meet & Greet at Grand Hotel in Diego Suarez

  • 10.00: Welcoming the entrants. Technical, medical, administrative checks. Bib, race shirt and road book collection
  • 11.30 to 14.30: Bus transfer to the first camp – Beamalona Waterfall. Light meal provided (Sandwich on the way)
  • 18.00 to 19.00: Briefing on the race, the event and stage 1
  • From 19.00: Diner and night at Camp no 1 – Beamalona Waterfall

Tuesday (July 21): Stage 1 – From Beamalona Waterfall to Anivorano Sacred Lake (22km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 08.00: Stage 1 Start
  • From 09.30: Arrival at camp no 2
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 2 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 2

Wednesday (July 22): Stage 2 – From Anivorano Sacred Lake to Irodo River (25 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 08.00: Stage 2 Start
  • From 09.45: Arrival at camp no 3
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 3 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 3

Thursday (July 23): Stage 3 – From Irodo River to Ankerika Village (26 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 08.00: 4×4 transfer from camp no 3 to the other side of Irodo river
  • 08.30: Stage 3 Start from the northern side of Irodo river
  • From 10.30: Arrival at camp no 4
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 4 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 4

Friday (July 24): Long Stage 4 – From Ankerika to Ampondrafeta Beach (41 km)

  • From 05.30 to 06.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 07.00: Stage 4 Start
  • From 10.15: Arrival at camp no 5
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.30: Stage 5 briefing
  • 20.00: Dinner, night at Camp no 5

Saturday (July 25): Stage 5 – From Ampondrafeta to Antafiamalama Bay (28 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 08.00: Stage 5 Start
  • From 10.00: Arrival at camp no 6
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 19.00: Stage 6 briefing
  • 19.30: Dinner, night at Camp no 6

Sunday (July 26): Stage 6 – From Mountain of the French to Diego-Suarez (8 km)

  • From 06.30 to 07.30: Breakfast, bags packing
  • 08.00 to 08.45: 4×4 transfer to the start line at the bottom of Mountain of the French
  • 09.00: Stage 6 Start
  • From 09.30: Stage 6 arrival at the entrance of Diego Suarez city
  • 10.30: Disabled athletes and Racing Madagascar runners will leave together for the last km to Diego Suarez townhouse, place Foch
  • 11.00: Arrival in Diego Suarez
  • 11.00 to 12.00: Animations and celebrations
  • Afternoon: Free
  • 17.00 to 20:00: Closing ceremony, Awards and speeches
  • Complimentary night at Grand Hotel Diego Suarez (B&B & airport transfer included)

Monday (July 27): Take off for Antananarivo – Complimentary night at “Combava Hotel” Hotel (B&B & airport transfer included)

Tuesday (July 28): International flight (B&B & airport transfer included)

This trail run is a half self-sufficiency race: runners must carry what they eat or drink for each stage. Checkpoints will provide with water & dried fruits only (every 10 to 15kms). A medical staff & a emergency phone are available at each checkpoint.

A medical team is available throughout the event. The medical team is composed with doctor and physiotherapists. They ensure medical assistance for competitors at every checkpoint and on camps. They will inform the race director if a competitor is not capable of finishing the race. The decision to keep the runner in the race remains to the organization committee. When a runner is disqualified, he will be supported by the organization.

The race director commits to ensure evacuation for runners in distress during all the event, without engaging his liability. The organizers cannot be liable for accidents or injuries affecting a runner’s health before, during and after the event.

Beyond medical assistance, safety is handled throughout the event by local police patrols, local authorities and staff members during the run stages and around the camps.

Supporters are part of the event but no assistance is allowed during stages. A dedicated travel package is available for those who want to support runners at the start and finish lines of each stages, and at some checkpoints.

Travel Bag/Suitcase: Contains all your personal & precious belongings. It can be left at the hotel in a locker room when you will leave for camp 1.
Large bag: Contains everything you need for the week of the race, no precious goods. Camp-to-camp transportation will be provided by staff members.
Light Bag: Contains what you need for your recovery after each run stage (Energy drinks and bars, first medical kit, shampoo, towel…)

Hydration bag: Contains the mandatory equipment as follows

  • 1 tank of water of 1 liter minimum
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 compression band
  • 1 food supply
  • 1 survival blanket
  • 1 headlamp
  • 1 cellphone

All participants to Racing Madagascar trail run are ranked in one of the gender/age category (Age withheld is the age recorded at the start of the race). Organization will set up categories before the start of the race and according to the age of the participants.

Time record of each competitor will be split into hours, minutes and seconds. The chronometer of the organization will be the only official. Stage results will available every evening at the camp.

The trophies are for the 1st man and the 1st woman of the final scratch and the 1st of each category of gender/age. All runners finishing the race in time will be awarded by a medal.

Flying to Antananarivo (main city):

  • From Paris: Direct flights with Air Madagascar, Air France, Corsair.
  • From Johannesburg: Direct flights with Air Madagascar, South African Air Link.
  • From Nairobi: Direct flights with Kenya Airways.
  • From Mahé: Direct flights with Air Seychelles.
  • From Saint Denis (Reunion Island) : Direct flights with Air Austral, Air Madagascar.
  • From Mauritius: Direct flights with par Air Madagascar and Air Mauritius.