Camp 1 at Belomalona waterfall | KM 0

Running up in the grassy hills | KM 6

Fantany volcano lake | KM 7

Approaching the checkpoint | KM 9

Finish line near Anivorano Sacred Lake | KM 22

STAGE 1 – 22.2KM

From Beomalona Waterfall to Anivorano Sacred Lake

Trail running race starts with the highest elevation gain of the race. Stage starts in front of Beomalona waterfall, were camp 1 stands, to end in at the edge of Anivorano sacred lake 22km later. The path begin with a bushy plain which leads down to the river supplied by the waterfall stream. Then the route goes up on a laterite track, used by zebu carts. The route goes narrow on the crests leading to the Checkpoint (CP). The volcanic lake Fantany is on your left just before reaching CP1. A panoramic view from the CP will let you rest after this uphill climb. Descent goes through villages and grassy plains, on laterite trails used by zebu carts. You might cross on your way the uphill villagers coming back from the market in Anivorano, after having sold their farm products. The track will lead you to the national road, the one we drove on yesterday to reach Beomalona waterfall: RN6. 2km on the other side of the road, a dirt road will lead you to camp 2. It is also the finish line of the 1st stage of the trail running race!

  • Floor: Laterite (95%) + tarmac (5%)
  • Obstacles: a river to cross at km 3
  • Highlights:
    • Beomalona Waterfall (Camp 1/Startline)
    • Fantany volcanic lake (km 7)
    • The view from CP1, on the top of the hill (km 9)
  • Afternoon: After today’s trail running race, you can enjoy the view on Anivorano Sacred Lake and spot birds and crocodiles!
  • Diner and night at camp no 2

To enter the race: ultra trail


Technical details

LocalizationOn a small plate overhanging a waterfallOn the top of a crestUphill, at the edge of Anivorano Sacred Lake
Kilometers 0922.2
Miles 05.6013.60
Elevation gain 057097
Elevation loss 0168589
Track Follow for 5 km a dirt track. After passing the Fantany Lake 3,9km later, a dirt track will level you up to Checkpoint 1.1,3km on dirt tracks. Then 9,4km on zebu cart track, cross the road and the camp is 2km on the other side.
Cut off Times 3h006h00