Anivorano sacred lake | KM 3

Open your eyes when going around the lake, you might see crocodiles! | KM 3

Crossing Irodo river | KM 12

Deep in the bush, beware of heat! | KM 17

The view from the plate on Irodo River | KM 25.6

STAGE 2 – 25.6KM

From Anivorano sacred lake to Irodo river

Stage 2 of your trailrunning race has less elevation gain than stage 1, but don’t be mistaken: it will not be easier! Despite altitude above sea level is still high, temperatures can be very high on this stage. Don’t take your time to much to end this stage to avoid the oppressive heat of the afternoon. Crossing the arid plains with a temperature of 30 to 35°C will not let you unscathed! Water management will be a key to deal with this trailrunning stage.

  • Floor: Laterite (80%), soft laterite (20%)
  • Obstacles: Irodo river to cross at KM 11
  • Highlights:
    • Sacred lake of Anivorano (km 0 to 2)
    • Irodo river crossing (km 11.5)
    • The view on a grey tsingy from the plateau (km 20)
    • Irodo River (km 25.6)
  • Afternoon: After your trailrunning stage, take time to open your eyes. The camp is on a superb plateau offering you a panoramic view on Anivorano’s volcanic hills, Ankarana massive and on the Irodo river just below. A good opportunity to do the laundry and have a refreshing bath!


To enter the race: ultra trail



Technical details

LocalizationNear Anivorano villageInside a canyon, where Irodo river liesOn the edge of a plate
Kilometers 011.5625.6
Miles 06.8315.50
Elevation gain 05098
Elevation loss 0260174
TrackFollow the track circling to the Sacred Lake. Then a smaller path to Irodo river (Km 12). Follow a track uphill for 3km.
Follow a dirt road on a plateau ending to camp 3.
Cut off Times4h008h30