Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail 2017 hosted Lisa Adbellah, journalist at Runner’s World South Africa for the 2nd edition.

Runner’s World South Africa in few words: SA’s best-selling running magazine, largest social medias  communities (160K Facebook fans, 30K followers on Twitter). It is probably the 1st running magazine in Africa. It is sold in South Africa and Namibia.


Runners’ World South Africa, the most-read African running Magazine


Lisa Adbellah is a British journalist who chosen to live in South Africa year ago. She lives in Cape Town where she works for the magazine as an editor. Lisa is used to run and train on paved roads of South Africa. Trail running is something new for her, and of course the Madagascar part added made a very unique experience to live for her! She came from South Africa only for the 2nd edition of Madagascar Ultra Trail 2017 last July.

The race directors are pleased to share this 10-pages article in this great magazine with you. We kept our ambition from the beginning: Make discover Madagascar abroad with Trail Running! Last year we had this very warm article from Tyson Jopson from Getaway Magazine.

This year Lisa’s focus was not on the physical and sport parts of the race. She focused indeed more on human relations and bonds created thanks to the race between international and local runners. She also detail the life on camps and in the rural Madagascar, all the things that make Madagascar Ultra Trail a very authentic experience to live! Her writing angle makes this article very interesting to read, far away from a “classic” race report.

The full article is available HERE (PDF format). Enjoy the reading!