Racing Madagascar 2018 starts today, Chameleon is the symbol of this 3rd edition. First stage from Beamalona Waterfall to the Sacred lake starts tomorrow at 08.00am! This year 22 runners will run the 150kms in 6 stages.

Runners of Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018:

Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018 will be held from 09 to 14, July 2018:

  • 6 Malagasy runners : 5 from the regional league of Diego Suarez, 1 from the Malagasy Paralympic Committee
  • 16 foreign runners : UK (4), South Africa (3), Canada (2), Israel (2), China (1), France (1), Australia (1), Sweden (1), Belgium (1)
  • 10 women and 12 men
  • 6 categories: Junior I (5), Junior II (5), Senior I (6), Senior II (6)
  • The repeat runners: Among the 23 runners, 7 were running last year’s edition.
  • Elite runners: Local athlete Jacquis Justin, will try to improve his time of the last 2 editions.
  • Paralympic athlete: Revelinot (one arm amputated) is coming back to improve his time too!

List :

Jacquis JustinRakiky Antilahifeno22Junior IMMG1
MauriceMaurice34Junior IIMMG2
RevelinotRaherinandrasana39Junior IIMMG3
RomualdJaoriziky26Junior IMMG4
NarcisseZithaniel20Junior IMMG5
Marie FrancetteZafisoa23Junior IWMG6
FabianDOWNS32Junior IIMUK7
ElisabethLE BRETON32Junior IIWOZ9
NadiaHOAREAU38Junior IIWFR10
KristineSelf48Senior IWCAN11
AllisonGLASS42Senior IWRSA12
WeipingZhan58Senior IIMCHI14
MichaelMuller44Senior IMCAN15
TraceyDE WAAL50Senior IWRSA18
Sandra MaryWELTAN58Senior IIWRSA19
JohnPAINTER53Senior IMUK20
Ulf ErikAndersson59Senior IIMSW21
AlainBustin67Senior IIMBEL22

This 3nd edition promises very interesting cultural & sport exchanges. Follow the race on Facebook or on our website www.racing-madagascar.com/en/ in the News section. Daily results will be released when connectivity allows it. Let’s trail be rewarding!