Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018 has its first entrant! Tracey de Waal, from South Africa. As a tradition, we interviewed her for you!

Racing Madagascar : Can you tell us more about you?

Tracey : I live in Pretoria, I am 49 years old and I am a landscape gardener. I am a mom and I study at the university currently. All of this in the same time!

Racing Madagascar : What sports do you do?

Tracey : I run on roads, trails, and I do yoga.

Racing Madagascar : When did you start to run?

Tracey : I started to run as many South African, when I studied to study at the university, when I was younger. I discovered long distances running and the Comrades Marathon.

Racing Madagascar : How do you train?

Tracey : I run with my running cub “Affies Road Running Club”. I train with Allison Glass, we did all our staged trail running races together. I run usually 4 to 5 times a week, on roads during the week and on trails when I can on weekends.

Racing Madagascar : What is the hardest race you took part in?

Tracey : I ran the Namib desert challenge, a 220kms race in 5 days with  with very tough parts on sand. But the hardest race I ran was in Spain: an ultra marathon of 5 days and 230kms in the Poniente Granadino, Andalusia. Temperatures went above 40 degrees and the  ascents were steep!

Racing Madagascar : I did you heard about Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018?

Tracey : Every year I’m looking for new staged trail running races, I wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise.

Racing Madagascar : What has convinced you to enter Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018 rather than another race?

Tracey : The landscapes diversity while exploring another part of the world. I like also that it is a less crowded race, it let me the chance to know better the other entrants

Racing Madagascar : What do you expect from your participation to Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018 ?

Tracey : I expect it will be hard, as the other staged trail running races! I did only 5 days races so the extra 6th day will be a challenge too. I hope also to meet with runners coming from other parts of the world.

Racing Madagascar : What are your coming challenges for this year?

Tracey: I am about to run the Lochness marathon in Scotland and the 56kms of the Two Oceans Marathon in March 2018 in Cape Town. I will also train a lot for the Madagascar Ultra Trail 2018!