A dream landscape and a tropical weather… all ideal conditions are in Madagascar for Ultra Trail 2017‘s runners, this long-range race surrounded by nature. Go on an adventure running in the plains encircled by rice fields, mountains and waterfalls while improving your own performance. The ultra trail event 2017 for Racing Madagascar will be from the 11th to the 16th of July 2017.

150KM total distance will be spread over 6 stages along:

  • Stage 1 : 20KM
  • Stage 2 : 26KM
  • Stage 3 : 27KM
  • Stage 4 : 42KM
  • Stage 5 : 28KM
  • Stage 6 : 10KM

You can be a high-level athlete or a running amateur, Ultra Trail event require a lot of preparation. In order to better prepare your physical training, here is the ultra trail event 2017 for Madagascar.

Our calendar gives you information about hours, dates and places where the ultra trail event will be, allowing you of course to be better trained, in consideration of the grounds, the weather, and what you must take in you bag for this half self-sufficiency race. The Half Sufficiency means that you will have to carry your gear required for the stage. This kind of race is different from the full sufficiency race, where you have to bring all your material: spare clothes, personal belongings, camping gear… During the Madagascar Ultra Trail 2017, you will have 2 bags: 1 for the race containing all the mandatory gear, and another called “drop off” bag that will be carried by the organization. Every morning before the stage starts, you let your drop off bag near your tent. You will take it back at the same place on the next camp, after finishing your stage.