The Red Tsingy | KM 7

Inside the crater | KM 7

Checkpoint in Irodo village | KM 13

Heat and sand inside the Satrana palms forest | KM 18

Run inside Mangroves for the first time | KM 20

STAGE 3 – 27.8KM

From Irodo river to Ankerika village

Stage 3 is one of the most spectacular of the ultra trail race, with the famous red Tsingy. These geological wonders are unique in the world! In the morning, a 4x4 transfer from camp 3 to the other side of Irodo river will lead you to the start line. Be careful for the last kilometers inside the Satrana forest (Palm trees): soft sand and the heat will slow you down.

  • Floor: Laterite (50%) + Sand (50%)
  • Obstacles: a river to cross, halfway up your legs, few kilometers after ultra trail race start line
  • Highlights:
    • The famous red Tsingy (km 7)
    • CP 1 located inside Irodo Village (km 13)
    • The Satrana forest (km 14 to 18)
    • Passing the mangroves (km 20)
  • Afternoon: After you finished your ultra trail race, Ankerika village is very near to our camp. You can speak with its inhabitants, shop a little bit and enjoy the sunset.

To enter the race: ultra trail



Technical details

Irodo RiverCP 3.1CAMP 4
LocalisationOn the edge of Irodo riverIn Irodo villageIn a clearing, near Ankerika village
Kilometres 013.7627.85
Miles 0816,8
Elevation gain 018245
Elevation loss 019348
Track4x4 transfer from camp 2 to Stage 3 start line, on the other side of Irodo river.Follow the dirt road for 4 km. 1,8km later on a track, go up on a plate. Go down inside the Red Tsingy crater and go up on the plate 1km later. Follow the track across Irodo village.Follow the track passing through Ankorera village, leading to camp 4, in a clearing near Ankerika village.
Cut off Times4h309h00