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Is admitted for the ultra trail Madagascar, anyone from both genders, aged from 16 years old by the time the race will start. Under age participants will have to provide a discharge letter signed by at least one of their parents and must be accompanied by a responsible adult all along the race. The entry form for the ultra trail is available at the bottom of this page. It is possible to enter for the Ultra Trail:

  • On the event’s website
  • By email:
  • At the office of Boogie Events in Antananarivo: Trio Property Building, Tana Waterfront, Ambodivona, Antananarivo 101.

All runners must attach a Health Certificate dating less than 6 months and attesting physical ability to run a long sport event. A empty copy is available in the download section of this page. The health certificate MUST be provided to the organization during bib collection at latest. The last day to enter for the Ultra Trail Madagascar is June 8, 2019, depending on the availability of remaining entries. The limit is 50 runners for each edition.

  • Entries opening: September 1st, 2018
  • Entries closing: June 15, 2019 or 50 runners quota reached
  • Latest arrival in Diego Suarez: July 13, 2019
  • Race check-in: July 14, 2019 (Morning)
  • Race is from July 15 to 20, 2019
Entry fee for Madagascar Ultra Trail 2019 is € 1 790 pp.

Entry procedure:

  1. Fill in the form on this page
  2. The ultra trail organization will come back to you to confirm your pre-entry
  3. The payment for your entry can be along 2 methods:
    • By electronic funds transfer (Bank fees at your charge)
    • By credit card on the organizer’s website:

Commitment is firm and conclusive and includes all services as follows:

  • The bib and the race shirt
  • Logistics (Water supplies, camp putting up and putting down, checkpoints, drop bags transportation)
  • Breakfast, lunches, dinners on camps and cocktail for the closing ceremony
  • Hotel accommodation in Diego Suarez before/after the race (B&B, lunches and dinners at your charge)
  • Tent accommodation during the race
  • Security guards in camps
  • Medical assistance throughout the race and in the camps
  • Local public liability
  • 1 prize for Finishers

The entry does NOT include:

  • Airplane tickets
  • Accommodation outside the dates of the event
  • Visas, vaccines
  • Activities not mentioned in the event’s program

Travel Package available: € 2 380 pp

  • Entry with 10% discount
  • Round flight from Antananarivo to Diego Suarez
  • Accommodation in Antananarivo (transit)

All entry cancellations must be done by email. No cancellation will be considered by fax or phone. Refund applies as follows:

Notification dateRefund
Before January 14, 2019 (Midnight)60 %
From Jan. 15 to March. 14, 201950 %
From March 15 to May 14, 201940 %
From May 15 to June 14, 201930%
After June 14, 2019No refund

Bib swapping is not allowed. If an injury non-totally healable before the event occurs after entry, the injured runner can request to postpone his entry. The injured runner must address a request to the race committee. This request must attach a medical file detailing the injury. If the race committee agrees, the runner will keep the entry for next year’s race. The request must be sent ten days after the injury occurred at the latest.

Download the following documents in PDF files:

VISA: A touristic visa is compulsory for all foreigners willing to travel to Madagascar. You can get it at the airport after you land. You must provide your return ticket and your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the day you land in Madagascar. You can pay in euro or USD.  

CURRENCY: The ariary worth currently around 3 700 for 1 euro. For your travel expenses, we recommend you to use foreign currencies in cash (Euros or dollars). Credit cards are accepted in very few hotels and ATM are only in the largest cities. We recommend you to change at the airport when arriving. Do not change your money in the black market.

LANGUAGE: Official language is Malagasy. People speak more or less French in the cities. A few speak English. In the remote areas you are going to visit, don’t expect people to speak any foreign language.

HEALTH: No vaccine is requested to come to Madagascar. However, we highly recommend people to come with up-to-date vaccines against B-hepatitis, Typhoid fever, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio. Anti-malaria treatment: Malaria is everywhere in the island and all along the year. Therefore, an anti-malaria treatment must be taken before, during and after your stay in Madagascar. Ask the advice of your general practitioner.

WEATHER: The ultra running race is held during the winter season in Madagascar. During the day, temperatures will be around 25 to 30°C. But after sunset, temperatures can drop very down. Winter season is also windy in Diego Suarez area. Be careful if you stopover in Antananarivo, which is 1 200m above the sea level and much colder!

CLOTHING & LUGGAGE: Casual, comfortable and easy-to-wash. A warm jacket is indispensable when landing in Antananarivo. Keep luggage size to a minimum for your own comfort and ease transport. Don’t forget: Mosquito repellent, sun screen, flashlight/headlamp for the camps.

Flying to Antananarivo (Madagascar main city):

  • From Paris: Direct flights with Air Madagascar, Air France, Corsair.
  • From Johannesburg: Direct flights with Air Madagascar, South African Air Link.
  • From Nairobi: Direct flights with Kenya Airways.
  • From Saint Denis (Reunion Island) : Direct flights with Air Austral, Air Madagascar.
  • From Mauritius: Direct flights with par Air Madagascar and Air Mauritius.

From Antananarivo to Diego Suarez : Daily flight with Tsaradia.

Foreigners wanting to travel to Madagascar must carry a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months counting from their arrival in Madagascar.


















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