Montagne des Français | KM 0

Montagne des Français, ideal for a last group photo | KM 1

Crossing the mangroves in front of the sugar loaf mountain | KM 6

End of the race | KM 8

The solidarity race | 3km inside the city

STAGE 6 – 8.8KM

From Montagne des Français to Diego Suarez

8.8km to end with your ultramarathon race. First a 4x4 transfer to bring you to the start line, at the bottom of Montagne des Français. You will run a loop inside the park, offering you amazing view on Diego Suarez’s bay & the sugar loaf. One last run inside the Mangroves and then final sprint at the entrance of Diego Suarez. The timing for the ultramarathon event will end there. Once all runners have finished, we will group everyone (disabled athletes from Diego, public, camp staff and of course runners) to run the last 3km to the city center. A moment of full emotion!

  • Floor: Asphalt (40%), sand (30%), rocky path (30%)
  • Obstacles : Mud in the mangroves in front of the sugar loaf (Tides)
  • Highlights:
    • Montagne des Français (km 0 to 2)
    • The sugar loaf (km 4)
    • Finish line of the race (km 8.8)
    • The 3km Solidarity Stage in Diego Suarez streets
    • The finish line of the event in Diego Suarez (km 10)
  • Afternoon: You will join your hotel to be ready for the closing ceremony, held in the end of the afternoon.

To enter the race: ultra trail



Technical details

 Mountain of the FrenchStage 6 FinishFinish Line
LocalisationAt the bottom of Mountain of the FrenchStop Timing—at the entrance of Diego SuarezDiego Suarez Townhouse
Elevation 20m58m51m
Kilometres 08.810.2
Miles 056,3
Elevation gain 0 2110
Elevation loss 0 1180
Track4x4 transfer from camp 6 to stage 6 start line, at the bottom of Mountain of the French.Run the loop inside the Montagne des Français park and hit the road back. Go out of the road, across the mangroves and in front of the Sugar Loaf. Once back on the road, follow it to the finish line at the entrance of the city.Start of the solidarity race from the entrance of the city to place Foch, where the townhouse stands.
Cut off Times2h00N/A