Crossing the river early in the morning | KM 4

Friendly checkpoint in Sahankazo village | KM 14

Run inside the Baobabs forest | KM 24

Hard times in the coconut trees! | KM 38

Liberation! Bathing in Ampondrafeta beach | KM 42

STAGE 4 – 42KM

From Ankerika village to Ampondrafeta beach

Stage 4 will make you suffer, the toughest stage of your ultrarunning race with 42km to run. You will cross several fishermen villages and a Baobab forest that will blow your mind. The finish line of your ultrarunning race is on Ampondrafeta beach. Before that, you will have to struggle against soft sand for several kilometers. What a stunning day!

  • Floor: Laterite (70%), soft sand (30%)
  • Obstacles: a river to cross at 4 km after the start line
  • Highlights:
    • The Baobab forest (km 25)
    • The villages of Sahankazo and Ampondrahazo (km 33)
    • Coconut trees and the lake near Ambohimahazo village (km 38)
    • The finish on Ampondrafeta beach (km 42)
  • Afternoon: After 42kms of ultrarunning race, the bravest ones will jump into the Indian ocean. Others can enjoy physiotherapists cares to speed up their physical recovery.

To enter the race: ultra trail



Technical details

CAMP 4CP 4.1CP 4.2CP 4.3CAMP 5
LocalisationIn a clearing, near AnkerikaSahankazo villageAntanivelatra villageAmpondrahazo villageAmpondrafeta beach
Kilometres 014,525,733,642,8
Miles 08,715,920,826
Elevation + 0145322412430
Elevation – 0139328425420
TrackFollow the dirt road and cross a river after 4km. Follow a track to Sahankazo village.Follow the dirt road for 10km. Then a track across the Baobab forest. The CP is outside the forest.Follow the path to Ampondrahazo village, and go across it.Follow the track, cross Ambavarano village. Follow the track leading to the beach.
Cut off Times3h307h009h0011h00